Support the CHSC CareFund Assistance Program

Since 1921, CHSC has recognized communication is a basic human need. Access to communication is critical for educational attainment, economic prosperity and fulfilling relationships, yet too many people with communication disorders or deafness are left out because of poverty and systemic inequity. The Campaign for the New Century will sustain and grow CHSC’s innovative programs and expand free and reduced-cost care. Give now to change the trajectory for more people who need us.

Communication Access Reaching Everyone
With generous support from longtime friends like you, we have established the CHSC CareFund Assistance Program. The Fund will allow us to:

  • Expand financial aid so we can cover treatment costs for those who cannot afford them
  • Grow existing programs to serve clients from birth to older adulthood
  • Create new programs in response to emerging community needs
  • Reach across the region, providing access through neighborhood partnerships
  • Continue innovating through state-of-the art services and compassionate creativity

Communication is Essential
When you support the CHSC CareFund Assistance Program, you help our clients to:

  • Develop critical language skills
  • Make steps toward early literacy
  • Meet grade-level milestones
  • Graduate high school
  • Find and maintain employment
  • Gain financial stability
  • Build social connections

Join the Campaign for the New Century
Ready to give? Donate now. Ready to learn more? Reach out to Karen Hiller, Director of Development, at 216-325-7503 or or to Jennell Vick, Executive Director, at 216-325-7557 or