The ability to communicate is a basic human need. It’s the key to unlocking potential, the key to success, and the key to having meaningful relationships.


CHSC Keyholders (Download the brochure here)

CHSC’s Keyholders are donors who give a recurring monthly gift. Joining Keyholders represents your commitment to providing regular, ongoing support of those in our community who benefit from our communication services.

Becoming a Keyholder

Becoming a Keyholder is simple, easy and convenient! To become a CHSC Keyholder, visit the giving form link below, commit to a monthly amount that is meaningful to you and your gift will be processed – securely - via credit/debit card or EFT each month. Membership in Keyholders is rewarding and creates sustainable giving for CHSC.

Monthly Giving Levels

CHSC Keyholders enjoy benefits of monthly commitment to CHSC. As opportunities present themselves, Keyholders may be invited to additional, exclusive activities or receive advanced access. For information on each giving level, click here.

Managing Your Monthly Gift

Managing your monthly gift to CHSC is convenient and easy! If at any time you need to make changes to your payment method, monthly amount, or to pause/cancel your sustained giving please contact Brooke Trego at or (216) 325-7574.

For questions, please contact Lori LeHue at or fill out the form on this page.