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6 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

Rachel Lester, BS, Audiology Intern | Posted on April 25, 2018

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Hearing loss typically presents gradually and goes unnoticed for quite some time until it starts interfering with daily communication. You may be compensating for your hearing loss without even realizing it.

Typically, a family member or close friend may first realize you are not hearing as well as you used to since they spend the most time with you. While it is wonderful that our loved ones care and look out for our health, it is also important for you to be able to recognize and identify for yourself whether you are experiencing the signs of hearing loss. If you notice any of the six symptoms of hearing loss listed below, be sure to schedule a diagnostic audiologic evaluation.

1. The television and radio volume is too loud 
You may notice you are having increased difficulty hearing your favorite television shows and are cranking the volume in order to hear the dialogue (especially if there is any noise in the background). 
You may not even realize you are listening to the television or radio at a loud volume until someone points it out to you. If it is becoming uncomfortable for others to watch television with you or the neighbors can hear the television or radio, it is time to have your hearing tested.

2. “I can hear, but I can’t understand”
It may feel that when you are talking with others, they are mumbling when they speak. This is a very common complaint among those with hearing loss. The truth of the matter is that the hearing loss is filtering out crucial speech sounds that are necessary to be able to understand what is being said.

3. Asking people to repeat themselves 
It is normal to mishear what someone has said and ask for clarification every now and then. However, if you find that “huh” and “what”are becoming part of your everyday vocabulary, this may be a sign that you have hearing loss.

4. You have trouble hearing in noisy environments 
One of the most common complaints from those with hearing loss is that they have difficulty hearing the conversation while at a restaurant, party, or family gathering. The hearing impaired ear becomes unable to hear speech above the noise making social situations much more difficult.

5. Listening in a conversation is becoming tiring 
When you have hearing loss, the ear is not able to pick up certain speech sounds, therefore it can be exhausting and physically tiresome trying to pay such close attention to what someone is saying.

6. You are no longer attending social gatherings 
If you find that you are beginning to withdraw from activities or hobbies that you used to enjoy it may be because you are struggling to hear in those situations (and you may not even realize it). You may just feel as if you do not enjoy them as you used to. If you are enjoying social situation less than before, you should have your hearing tested. 

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs of hearing loss we encourage you to seek care from an audiologist. 

The skilled audiologists at Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center will complete a comprehensive diagnostic audiologic evaluation to determine if you have any hearing loss and if so, develop a plan of action for treatment so that you may continue to enjoy life to the fullest. 

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