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Everyone Needs a Will

Debbie Dey | Posted on August 23, 2023

iStock-1313323878Many people are creating a will for the first time or reviewing and updating their will to ensure it meets their current circumstances. 

Here are three great reasons to write one today. 

1. A will is an important legal document that all adults should have — it’s a powerful document that lets you distribute property and protect your loved ones after you pass away.   

2. A will creates peace of mind for you and the people you love. Wills make life (and death) easier for everyone. With a will, you can plan ahead for those in your care — you can name a legal guardian for your minor children and choose who should care for your pets. Without a will, a court will make these decisions. 

3. You can create a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime by joining the amazing people who donated to Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. Leaving a gift in your will costs you nothing during your lifetime, but will ensure your positive impact on our clients for years to come. 

Many people like you have included Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center (CHSC) in their will. They understand the ability to communicate is a basic human need, and that for too many people in our community, communication disorders and deafness create barriers to vital engagement at home, school, and work.  

I’d like to share stories of two gifts that were made by our donors in their wills. 

  • When CHSC opened an office in Westlake, a gift made through a will covered the costs of converting the facility to serve clients through audiology and speech services. This location has served thousands of people, from as far west as Sandusky, where affordable services were not available.  
  • A woman who had speech issues left a gift in her will that became the first gift to CHSC’s Campaign for the New Century. This spring, we celebrated the successful conclusion of the campaign, which raised more than $2 million for direct services in speech, audiology, and deaf services. 

You too can help CHSC and our clients create the effective communication that is critical for successful educational attainment, economic prosperity, and fulfilling relationships.  

It’s easy and free to make a will. You can complete your will for free with a few clicks in 20 minutes. Protect what matters most during Make-A-Will Month. Click here to make your free will today. 

Myths About Wills

Myth: Wills are only important if you have a lot of money or property. 

Fact: Wills are important regardless of your wealth. You can nominate guardians for your minor children, name caretakers for your pets, write your funeral wishes, and more. A will can save your loved ones the time, money, stress, and uncertainty of lengthy probate court proceedings during a difficult time.  

Myth: My family knows what I want, so I don’t need a will. 

Fact: Your family cannot make decisions for you if you don’t write your wishes in a will. Instead, a court will make decisions based on local laws.  

Myth: Writing a will is a long, complicated, and expensive process. 

Fact: Not anymore! Today, writing a will can be done online for free in only 20 minutes by clicking here.  

Other Options

Have you included Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center in your will or through another gift? Please let us know so we can thank you and honor your gift intentions! Contact Debbie Dey, Major Gifts Officer at or 440-781-0932.  

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