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Will Accent Modification Diminish My Identity?

iStock_000015873918_LargeLearning the rules of English will not erase your accent but will make it easier for others to understand you. Your identity will not, and cannot, be diminished. However, accent modification training can, and will, expand your abilities and allow you to communicate optimally.

Accent modification is a process where people learn how to pronounce the sounds of a language that differ from their native tongue. Speaking a language is a set of skills and can therefore be learned. Employers value communication skills as one of the most important abilities that an employee can possess.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 1 in 5 people speak a language other than English at home. That is an astounding 20-percent of the American population! What that tells us is that a significant amount of people do not recognize English as their native language, therefore, many people in today’s workforce have accents — and the numbers are growing.

Learning to speak English in the American-cultural style will allow you to be able to express your thoughts and ideas with clarity. Picture yourself:

  • Speaking with confidence while standing in front of colleagues, supervisors, patients, etc.
  • Being clearly understood when having a conversation
  • Not being asked to repeat yourself again and again

You bring your rich experience and diversity to your job. Your accent may be a source of cultural pride for you but if it interferes with people understanding you, then you might consider accent modification. 

Why should you settle for not being understood in professional or social situations? By reducing your accent, you increase the effectiveness of your communication with others.

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