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Top 10 Tips to Adjust to New Hearing Aids

Bridgid M. Whitford Au.D, CCC-A | Posted on May 30, 2018

For most people, hearing loss occurs very gradually. The process of getting hearing aids, however, is not gradual. You walk into the audiologist's office, and a few minutes later you're hearing! It takes the brain time to get adjusted to the new sounds you'll be hearing through the hearing aids. To make the adjustment process a little easier, start with easy situations and work your way up to more difficult listening environments.

1. Begin in a quiet room. Talk with one other person about familiar things or read the newspaper aloud.
2. Move to the kitchen. Talk to one other person with some background noise, such as water running.
3. Try listening to the TV in a quiet room. Begin with easy programs (the news). The TV should be set at a comfortable volume for a normal hearing person.
4. Wear your hearing aids at a quiet dinner table.
5. Wear your hearing aids to a small gathering with two to four other people.
6. Walk along the street in a quiet neighborhood.
7. Use the hearing aids at a large group activity such as a meeting or religious service.
8. Wear the hearing aids while driving. Listen to the noises of the cars, road, etc.
9. Wear the aids while shopping.
10. Wear the aids to a party or large social gathering where many people are talking.

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