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World Hearing Day at CHSC

Sharon Dundee | Posted on February 02, 2018

World Hearing Day, formally known as International Ear Care Day, is celebrated every year on March 3rd. The World Health Organization started this day in 2007 to promote better hearing health care through themes.  The 2018 theme is “Hear the future” - drawing attention to the anticipated increase in the number of people with hearing loss around the world in the coming decades. It will focus on three strategies (Prevention, Identification, Treatment) to stem the rise and outline steps to ensure access to the necessary rehabilitation services and communication tools and products for people with hearing loss.

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My Baby Needs Hearing Aids – Now What?

Bridgid M. Whitford Au.D, CCC-A | Posted on February 02, 2018

My beautiful baby is born and the feelings of joy are immense. Everything is brand new and a little overwhelming. The routine hearing screening at the hospital is performed. Wait. What? My baby needs more testing? But that doesn’t make sense! We have no history of hearing loss in the family and my baby is "healthy.” I do as suggested and schedule a full diagnostic test. The results show a permanent hearing loss. The audiologist is recommending hearing aids.

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6 Tips for Hearing in Restaurants

Laura L. Brady, AuD, CCC-A | Posted on January 01, 2018

Many of our social interactions revolve around going out to eat; sharing a meal and time with friends and family. But, enjoying a quiet restaurant dining experience may seem nearly impossible. Trying to hold a conversation, hear others talking at your table or, hear and understand the wait-staff and hostess in noisy restaurants can prove challenging - even for normal hearing individuals.  If you are hearing impaired it becomes exponentially worse.

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